CW Software Solutions, Inc. provides software development best practice services for all industries.  We are focused on helping software organizations achieve Software Excellence, reaching the highest levels of software quality and schedule predictability possible.

Software Process Improvement Support
We will work with you to evaluate your current software development practices to determine the best fit, in terms of applicability and the order of implementation, of best practices to supplement current processes.  Key best practices are available to strengthen an organization’s software development processes and can be customized to your current needs and situation.


Workshops are designed to help meet business, safety, quality, and regulatory requirements by showing how to meet these requirements by leveraging value-added industry best practices in various areas.

Workshops are typically conducted as half-day sessions starting with a brief tutorial highlighting the fundamental purpose, goals, and key elements of each of the best practice areas.  During the workshop, participants immediately apply the new best practice techniques to actual software project work products to experience the application and benefits of the best practice. The techniques are presented in a very easy, intuitive manner allowing quick application of the best practice. This is followed by a hands on set of activities that allow the participants to tailor the approach to fit as seamlessly as possible into current practices - it is important to insert best practices into current practices with minimal disruption. 

Private Internet-Based Workshop Tutorials(NEW!)

Shorter two-hour versions of the workshops are available by scheduling a private internet-based tutorial at a time that is convenient to you and your colleagues.

These cover the same fundamental concepts as the half-day workshops and allow for up to an hour of Q & A.  You can pay for these by credit card to simplify the process.  

Available Workshops

- Software Peer Reviews - a powerful tool to increase quality and time-to-market when applied correctly

- Software Design - shows how much design is enough and how to easily satisfy architectural and detailed design requirements

- Fully Integrated Risk Management - Risk Management must be implemented continuously throughout the software life cycle to ensure safety

- Software Estimation ​- it is critical to have accurate estimates for business needs and the ability to include and leverage quality practices

Assisting Challenged Software Projects To Become Successful
In spite of a team's good intentions and best efforts, some projects still find themselves in very challenging situations that are very disturbing and frustrating. Although these projects have gotten to the same place in their own unique way, it has been found that there is a general approach that can be taken to help move projects from being very challenged to being very successful.

Starting New Software Development Projects Out Right In The First Place
It is important to start projects out right in the first place so that they don't get themselves into challenging situations.  High quality is achieved by leveraging all of the steps in a software life cycle, especially the early steps.  In order to ensure that a project finishes well, it is important to start it out well. There is a well-defined approach for establishing the essential key practices that need to be in place to have a great start and ensure a great finish.

Adding Quality Elements Into Agile/SCRUM’s Definition of Done
Organizations that have implemented Agile methods are off to a very good start.  For systems that are critical where quality is paramount, it is important to supplement typical Agile practices with key quality elements, incorporating them into the Definition of Done, along with implementing a strong quality measurement framework.

Revolutionary Software Process Improvement
For Organizations interested in rapidly implementing the highest rated software development practices available today, the full suite of Team Software Process (TSP) and Personal Software Process (PSP) services can help organizations make the most significant advances in the shortest time.

Team Software Process (TSP) and Personal Software Process (PSP) Suite of Services
We provide the following TSP/PSP Training and Services:

Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals Training
This five-day course teaches software engineers the principles, concepts, and benefits of the PSP, a process-based approach for developing software. Students who complete the course will be able to apply the PSP methods to their own personal work process and participate on a Team Software Process (TSP) team. Students learn how to measure and analyze their personal software process, use process data to improve their personal performance, and apply PSP methods to other structured tasks. The student can choose to follow this course with PSP Advanced, a five-day course that provides in-depth coverage of the advanced topics of PSP and picks up where PSP Fundamentals leaves off. Together the two courses cover a significant subset of the PSP Body of Knowledge and help to prepare students for the PSP Developer Certification exam.

Personal Software Process (PSP) Advanced Training
This five-day course covers advanced topics of Personal Software Process (PSP), expands on Team Software Process (TSP) concepts and picks up where PSP Fundamentals left off.

TSP Executive Strategy Seminar
This one-day introductory course covers the key concepts and principles of the Team Software Process (TSP) and Personal Software Process (PSP) from a management perspective. The purpose of the course is to provide the foundation that managers need to begin to introduce and apply the TSP in their organization.

Leading a Development Team
This three-day course is designed to teach first-line managers or team leaders how to manage projects quantitatively in order to complete projects on schedule, within budget, and with all requirements met. The course covers the knowledge and skills leaders need to effectively lead and coach development teams.

TSP Team Member Training
This 2 1/2 day course is designed for system, hardware, and test engineers, technical writers, trainers, support personnel, and others who are not software developers but who will be participating in a self-direct team. It is also appropriate for members of integrated product development teams that are building software-intensive systems. Successful completion of the course will enable participants to understand the rationale and foundational concepts behind the PSP and TSP; to develop ways to measure size, time, and defects in their work; to use a personal planning framework to plan and track tasks; and to use the a quality strategy to manage the defects in their work and support the team's quality goals.

TSP Coaching Services
Once software development and team personnel are trained, CW Software Solutions guides the team in TSP Launches, Re-Launches, Checkpoints, and Postmortem/Retrospectives to ensure the proper implementation of the best practices and the sustainability of the practices for the long term.
Coaching is also provided at the individual level to ensure that all personnel are achieving their highest level of performance with regard to software quality and schedule predictability.

Personal Software Process(SM), PSP(SM), Team Software Process(SM), and TSP(SM) are service marks of Carnegie Mellon University